«East Springs» Guide Book

"East Springs" – Is a unique combination of a magazine and a duide book exclusively created to support russian tourists and visitors while they are on holidays in the UAE.

Targeting business and leisure travelers, East Springs Guide Book includes useful information on history, traditions, culture, hotels, shopping malls, properties, events, promotions and all kinds of activities and attractions in the UAE.

Revealing the everyday life of the UAE, East Springs Guide Book advices on how to spend vacation days in the most exciting, fun and unforgettable way, while skillfully guiding through purchasing of needed products and services.

General Info


 Dubai UAE

Published since 


Total Circulation 

 120 000




 148 х 210 mm (A5)

Number of pages 

 112-128+ 4 Cover

Paper, Printing 

 Art Glossy, Full Colored

Main Topics 

 General Info, Hotels, Shopping, Sports & Leisure, Dining, Entertainment, SPA, Cinemas, Calendar of Events




 Russian Emirates Publishing


 Abu Dhabi Media Company


 Natalia Remmer

Certificate of Registration 

 PI № 77-17632

Advertising Rates

Position / Rates
Размещение / Позиция


Full Page (1/1)
Полная страница

6 000

Double Page Spread (DPS)

9 000

Half Page (1/2)
Половина страницы (1/2)

4 000

One Third Page (1/3)
Одна треть страницы (1/3)

3 000

One Third Page (1/4)
Одна четвертая страницы (1/4)

2 000

1-st DPS (Inside Front Cover + First page)
Первый разворот (внутренняя передняя обложка + первая страница)

14 500

2-nd, 3-rd, and 4-th DPS
2-й,3-й,4-й разворот

10 500

Last DPS (Last Page + Inside Back Cover)
Последний разворот (последняя страница + внутренняя задняя обложка)

14 500

Inside Back Cover (IBC)
Внутренняя задняя обложка

9 500

Outside Back Cover (OBC)
Внешняя задняя обложка

19 500

Divider - Two Sides
Разделитель (жесткая вставка-две стороны)

12 500

Gate Fold («Калитка»)

16 500

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