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From reliable partnership to the mutually beneficial collaboration

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It is believed, that the standard efficient management is based on making efficient communicational connections with “Subjects of external environment”. Until recently those subjects were considered to be everything but the representatives of government institutions. It was considered that governmental institutions were absolutely impartial according to all the subjects they have connections with. Delightful that during the recent times the topic of relations between authorities and businesses has been understood “more technically”. Now we can more often hear about the methodology of competent treatment with authorities, in other words, government relations.

From reliable partnership to the mutually beneficial collaboration So what does the term “government relations” really mean except for its literal meaning? Some may say that it means “establishing close ties with key specialists of government structures, including decision-makers or people influencing decision-making”. According to Sergij Pachkovskyi, General Director of Ukraine Trade Center, the goal of tying contacts with government is providing the awareness of your company in government agencies and representing interests of businesses (including transnational companies and investment funds) in governmental organizations Some large Ukrainian companies have already used services of global legal firms focusing on government relations and having representative offices in Europe and the US for resolution of important issues of international cooperation. Solving important aspects of international co-operation have already used the service of global law firms, specialized in government relations and having their own representative offices in USA.

Besides, Europe-USA geography is considered to be almost traditional. Among the companies which lead their activity in the field of government relations there is almost no organization that would have its activity in perspective regions of Asia. Ukraine Trade Center office in Dubai is the only institution that represents the interests of Ukrainian business circles in the countries of Persian Bay. In whole, the orientation to the East does not differ from the orientation to the West. According to modern trends of business development, only development in different fields may be considered progressive. That is why starting from 2007 Ukraine Trade Center has enlarged the geography of its representative offices. Now the representative office of UTC is available for partners not only in Ukraine but also in the CIS, countries of Persian Bay, and European Union UTC representative office in Vienna embraces the companies approach to European activity. Except for the function of representing the company’s interests in European Union, Ukraine Trade Center in Vienna, has the right to have activity in commerce, trade, publishing and medicine. First of all we talk about providing rather relevant services.

The new direction of UTC activity is popularization of leading Ukrainian and Austrian technologies and experience in the medical field, providing availability of the best achievements of European medicine for the patients in UAE. International medical tourism is considered to be new service and rather demanded but at the same time highly scarce. At the present time there are almost no more business institutions that have access to innovational medical technologies and at the same time have the experience in international cooperation. Different approaches of this company not only to widen the geography of representative offices but also master new types of activity – this is the credo of Ukraine Trade Center in 2007.

UTC represents the clients interests of various fields of economy, including medical care, retail, telecommunication, high technologies, television, radio and publishing. As this activity has international character in perspective we see the establishment of UTC offices in Moscow and 9 other big cities as Japan, England, Germany, Italy, Korea, China etc.

Lawyers of UTC are high-qualified professionals in the field of corporate finance; they use all the available companies recourses to reach the goals of their clients. The selection of lawyers to the working group is based on the available work experience, knowledge of foreign languages, knowledge of a region and the field. Taking into account that so as to run a project first thing we have to do is attract the professionals in different law fields, the management approach to form new working group provides highquality service, efficient cooperation and the complete integration. Professionals of UTC consult clients in the field of classification, evaluation, labeling the production country, payment of preferential duties and return of duties. UTC group has started to work permanently with investment funds and to represent the interests of sponsors that look forward to the direct investments in real estate, companies which manage real estate objects and the securities of additional financing. Our professionals also advice in structuring deals between investors and real estate and provision of project mortgage financing. In conducting a deal lawyers of investment fund working group work together with professionals in real estate matters.

On May 30, 2005, upon solicitation from the General Director of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Al Mutaiwi and upon approval of the Court of His Highness the Ruler of Dubai, the Economics Department of Dubai registered the first and only Ukrainian Trade Center in Gulf countries (UTC).

From reliable partnership to the mutually beneficial collaboration On Ukrainian side, the Trade Center was established with the assistance from the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, with additional support from the Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE. This guaranteed high representation level of the organization and over time had positive effect during organization of negotiations and concluding contracts on supply of Ukrainian goods. By the way, today Ukraine Trade Center represents the interests of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, all its 27 regional representative offices and a couple of dozens Ukrainian companies, that decided to have their business activity in UAE.

The main goal of Ukrainian Trade Center is promotion of products made by Ukrainian manufacturers on the Gulf countries' markets. The management of Ukraine Trade Center at once took into account the fact that Gulf countries have ' unique specifics due to the peculiarities of conducting business in the Islamic world. Therefore, Ukraine Trade Center does not limit its activities with traditional suiting technologies. Even the knowledge of laws is not enough for finding a solid niche in specific market. Personal contacts in the local business community and in the government leaders are sometimes more efficient than following the marketing schemes.

Out of the numerous contacts with different organizations and agencies of UAE, special attention should be paid to the cooperation of with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dubai and the Abu-Dhabi. Virtually all large scale events, forums and conferences organized by in Dubai were prepared and implemented in cooperation with the management of CCI Dubai and CCI AbuDhabi, CCI UAE. In 2008 in United Arab Emirates and Ukraine, will be held another business forum “Ukraine-UAE”. This event will gather representatives of business circles not only Ukraine and UAE, but Syria and Oman so as to solve the problems of international cooperation.

Cooperation between UTC and the administration of Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) led out to be very effective. Today, Jebel Ali is the leading free economic zone in the UAE one of the most successful FEZ in the world. After many months of diligent work performed by UTC, long negotiations and visits of Ukrainian delegations to Dubai and representatives of JAFZA to Ukraine, the cooperation agreement was signed between Javza and Ukrainian Fund for Support of Investments and Privatization, which now represents the interests of JAFZA in Ukraine. With immediate support from UTC, last year a few branches of Ukrainian companies were registered in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Now these companies enjoy all the benefits and preferences provided by FZ administration. Today, these companies use actively the highly beneficial taxation mode and geographical location of Jebel Ali and Dubai for entering the markets of other Gulf countries.

Early this year, UTC renewed the agreement with Javza now extended for the years 2007 -2008. At this time, active negotiations are underway with the administration of another free economic zone in Dubai called Techno Park, which, together Jebel Ali FZ is part of recently established holding company Econ Zones World. Services provided by Ukrainian Trade Center to businessmen from Ukraine, CIS and Gulf countries help strengthening the trade relations between these countries. At this time, there no other organization except UTC that would be willing to provide assistance to Ukrainian business representatives in organizing the meetings with representatives of government structures of Ukraine and UAE and assist in the establishing direct contacts with local partners. Many Ukrainian companies represented in UAE use the services of UTC in establishing contacts with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dubai and UAE, in the startup phase, as a rule.

UTC has a particular field of activities confirming the high level of reliability of this organization, it being the preparation of information surveys and justification of reliability of information upon requests from government and commercial structures of UAE and Ukraine.

The reputation of Ukrainian Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates becomes stronger with every new year. For instance, during the Kiev visit of a Government delegation of United Arab Emirates, the Head of the Delegation -Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs of the UAE in charge of political issues Dr.Tariq Ahmed Al-Haidan voiced the opinion that today, there is a serious consideration of the issue of expanding the authority of Sergij Pachkovskiy, the General Director of UTC either in form of a diplomatic mission or as an honorary consul of the Emirates in Ukraine. Also Director General of Ukraine Trade Center Sergey Pachkovskiy was invited to the Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum Award Ceremony. Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai It is worth noticing that this was the first invitation ever of a company from CIS to an event of this scale. It is also worth saying that both the Ukrainian Embassy and the Trade and Economic Mission of Ukraine are located in Abu Dhabi. And at the moment of establishment of the UTC, in the largest city of UAE Dubai Ukraine was not represented at all. Now, after the establishment of UTC, Ukrainian businessmen visiting Dubai have the opportunity to use qualified specialist services in the region that is considered to be world's most attractive business region. The efficiency of UTC operations is based on many serious factors including Government relations. And it was only logical that the license issued to the Ukrainian Trade Center by the Economic Development Department of Dubai stated in the Legal type section: "Government Relations Office". By the way in 2007 Ukraine Trade Center changed the address of residence in Dubai and now it resides in one of the most prestigious places of Dubai on Sheikh Zaid Road in Makhtoum-Tower office center.

In UAE as in other countries of this area there are diverse opportunities for any type of activity. Contractor of implementation of those activities is selected by the results of the tender contest. And taking part in bid the important issue is the local registration and proper trade license that gives an opportunity to receive on time the information considering bid. Ukraine Trade Center always has information related to these activities.

So as to receive important order in UAE one has to register the company in UAE and receive a license to have a right for particular activity. At the first stage, to implement the plans in the Persian Bay region, Ukrainian company needs to find partners with experience working on the Eastern market and to be aware how to conduct business in UAE, they need to have connections in business circles of UAE. Ukraine Trade Center is ready to become this partner. UTC can take the responsibility to find contacts with different institutions and organization in UAE, to find the customer and advertise the products. If needed, Ukraine Trade Center is ready to attract its own partners that have experience in oil/gas and other fields in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain etc.

The aspects of international trade are included in political and economic administrational program of any country. As the number of industrial countries grows and the international investment society enlarges investment in the countries of Eastern Europe and CIS, the more value gains for international corporations transition of commodities and services abroad. Developing and implementation of the international trade strategy companies need professional consultancy in the field of legislation that regulates international deals of selling and purchasing goods and services. The group of Ukraine Trade Center that has its activity in international commerce consists from lawyers, economists and professionals in other fields. They work in UAE, Ukraine, and Vienna, Moscow and Brussels. This, together with wide range of representative offices, provides unique opportunity to launch project of any type of difficulty.

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