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LEX Real Estate

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Aims and tasks of company

  • To occupy a leading place at the real estate market in Dubai, being the largest representative of the majority construction companies in the UAE at the Ukrainian market and territory of the CIS;
  • To give clients high-quality service with a calculation on the protracted mutually beneficial relations;
  • To perfect the level of maintenance of our partners and clients;

General information about the company

LEX Real Estate company Is one of the leading companies at the market of the real estate in Dubai and. It gives a special attention for clients from Ukraine and countries of the CIS.

Company promoters in practice studied specific economic development of Emirates and gained large business experience and positive image in the higher business groups of the UAE. It allowed settling actively developing business, which is focused on clients interests.

One of the major directions in activity of company is providing various types of services at the market of real estate in Dubai. LEX Real Estate gives clients possibility of choices from large variety of suggestions at the market, including purchase, sale and lease of habitation; conducts the necessity of financial and legal settlement; assists in the receipt of resident visas. To the large investors a company gives also professional consultancy in the field of profitable investing in the unique projects of the UAE.

The portfolio of LEX Real Estate company includes the following services:

  • Complete information about the market of the real estate of the UAE;
  • Selection of variants in accordance with client interests;
  • Consultancy of lawyers and attorneys; Registration and accompaniment of bargains and sale;
  • Assistance in realization of payments, made by constructors;
  • Assistance in the receipt of mortgage credits;
  • Assistance in registration of ownership rights;
  • Accompanied help in settling business is in Dubai, including offshore companies;
  • Guarantees of confidentiality of transactions;
  • Implementation and realization of interior design-projects
  • Assistance in registration of residential visas and providing other legal services.

Realtor services

Main advantage of LEX Real Estate Company is a possibility to offer to the client the following:

  • Complete variety of investment variants at the market, including the second market
  • •ndependent expert evaluation of the quality of an object and investment advantage;
  • Price, which is analogical to the suggestions of constructor;
  • Services in the deal accompaniment starting from the day of the real estate exploitation;
  • Needed financial and legal regulation;
  • Wide choice of financial organizations, which offers the mortgage crediting;
  • Assistance is in the following profitable real estate sale.


Longand short-term lease of apartments, villas and offices in Dubai with assistance of LEX Real Estate Company is a possibility to choose quickly the needed variant and get the complete complex of necessary services. A company will help not only to rent an apartment but also hand over for rent the habitation, purchased by you. Thus, at a short-term lease the company also provides accompanied services in giving tourist visas, meeting and placing of guest and their rest.

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