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​Ayana Holding: a place where changes are made

Ayana Holding Headquarters located in the heart of Dubai is a dynamic place where changes are being born. Hamid Kerayechian, CEO & Founding Partner, is leading the process with his innovative vision and positive thinking approach.

09.08.2020 12:07 5003

Hamid is one of the youngest and most promising business leaders in the Middle East with a strong desire to create a fundamentally new unique ecosystem where they provide end to end industry centric solutions for Governments and real estate developers across the globe. Hamid’s leadership style is relaxed with maximum delegation and minimum micromanagement.

Our approach is freedom and responsibility. Instead of micromanaging, we allow people to be part of the business and provide them with space to implement their competencies,”- the charismatic leader says.

The result of this vision is an extensive network of 13 powerful and independent companies that cover a wide range of the needs of public and private real estate developers.

From investments, architectural design and planning, interior design and furnishings to the implementation of functional IT solutions, marketing and branding, and start-ups management, Ayana covers it all.

Ayana Holding boasts a varied portfolio of successful brands, such as; VX Studio (Master planning & Architecture Design), M2L Concepts (Entertainment & Activation), Opaal (Interiors), NIOUM (Building Materials), Detay Living (Furniture), Manya Décor (Fit Out), Alt Technology (IT Infrastructure), Brand Capital (Marketing & Branding Agency), Performaa (Strategy & Sales Management consultancy), XPLOR (3D visualization & Destination Marketing), AYANA Properties (Real Estate Brokerage), ATLAS (Asset Management), AYANA Capital (Corporate Finance & investment advistory) and Wrkbay (Café and Co working space).

The Group has offices operating in Dubai, Hong Kong, the UK, Saudi Arabia and the USA. The business plan for the next five years is to continue regional expansion in the Middle East and become a global player in the real estate and industry investment market.

Hamid Kerayechian is committed to the focus on the technological know-how, professional expertise and communication skills of the team members.

“If you want to close deals, 50% of the success is your professional competence and the second 50% is the ability to please your clients and partners, to be a likeable person.”

Another sign of the potential of this business is within its approach to new opportunities in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Recessions come and go - the question is whether you will be able to competently use the opportunities that they bring along with the challenges,” Kerayechian has no doubt.

Traditionally, Ayana Holding's head quarters, with its welcoming and refreshing office decor that entices one to remain relaxed and comfortable when meeting there, they definitely attract attention and interest of the local business community.

During the summertime Dubai has started to cool down after the pandemic, the teams have returned from quarantine, and while international flights have been cancelled, those all-important meetings have been switched to Zoom calls.

Everything is in place to push forward with the plans for global expansion.

Get in touch with Ayana Holding.

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